martedì 8 luglio 2014

Avionics bending: Mode Control Panel (MCP)

Hello people, sorry for the long time but I've been really busy with lot of stuff and had no time to make posts...

Anyway here I will show you one of the most used parts by the pilots those days, the MCP.

The MCP sends and receive data to/from many equipements, mainly involved are the 3 FCC (Flight Control Computers) and the TMC (Thrust Management Computer) and it's only a part of the Autoflight system.
The following scheme simplifies the interaction between the various equipements operating the autoflight functions.

The MCP has 3 connectors in the back which directly correspond to the 3 channels it operates (L, C, R)

The following pictus shows internal autopilot block scheme and the connections that each channel features

As you can see the MCP operates with 28VDC and a simple power up test allows some functions to work as you can see in the following video:


giovedì 6 marzo 2014

Avionics bending: Engine Standby Indicator

Hello people. I finally am the owner of a very neat unit, the engine standby indicator from a B767-200 used along with CF6-80A2 engines.
I did a did power up test with 28VDC and used its internate BITE test function to chech the unit was workin as expected.
Here is the schematic of the unit

and here are few pics and a video of it running, enjoy!


lunedì 23 settembre 2013

IRS tuning panel

Hello guys, today I received the long awaited and amazing IRS tuning panel....what to's simply a beauty...
The unit features 3 channels (L-C-R) to feed/receive data from the 3 IRS units of the plane. all the channels are identical except for the Left one has also Backlight connection.

Observing the following wiring diagram:

We can see on the left the tuning panel and on the right the IRS unit.

The IRS panel has 2 ARINC data, one to output the manual position immission with the keyboard and one to receive inputs which are: present position, wind direction and speed, track/GS and heading.

The power is furished directly from the IRS main unit and do consist in +28VDC, -15VDC and Ground.

The 4 announciators for each channels are all positives triggered by the IRS unit and do not interact with panel behavior.

A master dim and test function is provided.

Here are few pictures and a video of light test and manual keyboard position immission.