giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

Avionics bending: RDMI

Hello! Following you can look at the RDMI used in 767 pinout: as you can see it's powered like most gauges by 115V 400Hz source and it features really a lot of ARINC channels. I personally find it one of the most beautiful gauges in the 767 and see it alive is really an emotion. Following few videos during functional tests.



Hello everybody...It's been a while since last time...I mostly worked on study of a base for the nose section and rewiring of many modules using MIL connectors as you can see in following pics:


This will allow much easier connections as well as easy removal of each module in case of maintena

giovedì 23 agosto 2012

Dimmer unit mod

Hello, here are a few pics about how I modified original Dimmer Modules that came with 757 nose section to use the crytical velocity dimmer units I bought to dim all cockpit backlighting. Enjoy!

Here is how the unit presents after case removal

Removing screws that keep the electronic boards in place

Electronic boards removal and wire cutted out

Those round supports are gonna be helpful....

Removing the AC transformer

Case is clean from old stuff, ready to accomodate new DIM board!

Important to keep same pinout for easy cabling later on with MIL connectors

Critical Velocity board

Round supports reused to keep the board in correct position

Rewiring complete following original pinout

Board fitted with supports

New DIM unit is ready to work!

PNP ready!! :)

venerdì 27 aprile 2012

757 nose section

As some of you could have noticed in my youtube account... I bought a 757 cockpit section in USA and I am now workin to have it shipped in Italy via sea.... I'll update once I will sort all the problems around that and the nose will be here! Can't wait for :)))))

Enjoy those 2 vids as well as few pics!

martedì 27 marzo 2012

Dim unit

Hello, I recently bought an interesting unit capable to dim up to 30A continuous current, so it's perfect to dim the backlight of the light bulbs of panel and instruments backlight!

This unit is provided by Critical Velocity and it works very well!

Here I made 2 short video of a quick try with pedestal just to see how it was working and I am really satisfied. I will get a total of 4 in order to link them to the proper potentiometer and dim the appropriate sections as in the real plane. More to come....