• LevelD software without which this project woulded never start!
  • My friend Valerio's 767 website, featuring self made panels, knobs and other stuff!!
  • A great site about an amazing MD80 project featuring real nose section made by my friend Gerhard!
  • Nico Kaan page of the AMAZING Lekseecon software made to interface the Leveld 767 to SIOC
  • Opencockpits cards to interface hardware with Flight Simulator
  • 767 builders group is a populated group of 757 / 767 builders with lot of infos, files and photos
  • Fransedano's site features infos on real gauge interfacing including syncros, resolvers and so on
  • Terry Adams helped a lot by modifying the PIC code of OC encoder card to work with 1/2 and 1/4 cycle optical encoders
  • My friend Curd L-1101 project featuring LOT of useful infos about this plane as well as real gauge interfacing! He has a great knowledge and his project is growin fast
  • Leo Bodnar's GREAT interface card used for joystick and used by me to have 12 bit A/D converter for motor feedback in the gauges
  • SIMVIONICS amazing panels from my really good friend Philip Lambert. He really makes panels, of a quality much superior of many big panel factories, plus he's the only one making panels for 767 :)
  • Good Display Inc who provided all LCD screens used in my cockpit. Professional, quick and cheap!