giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Spoiler automation

Thanks to a deal obtained few months ago with my friend Victor, I have now in hand the autospoiler control unit. I am working to modify the unit to work with a DC motor instead of the stock AC motor generator and replacing one of the stock LVDT with linear motion potentiometer. Me, Philip, Valerio and Victor will work together to develop a  structure based on the stock model to fit aftermarket linear actuators with integrated pots so, since we are all owners of the real Throttle quadrant, we will have it functional as the real one. Here is a first result of the lever movement. there will be an update as i'll find a suitable potentiometer to fit in order to test some sioc code I started to program. Stay tuned!

lunedì 25 luglio 2011

Flap Gauge

Hello, I finally finished the Flap gauge conversion started from an old boeing 727 flap gauge.
The conversion consisted in removing the existing resolvers and replacing one of them with a pot with dual side shaft: to the front shaft is directly connected the flap needle and to the back is connected a motor with planetary gear reduction. I used a kit from Tamiya which was very useful and cheap!
The front face has been made by my friend Valerio on the specs of the existing face to fit the chassis and with the 767 side crown raised. a wonderful job!!

Here are 2 pics of it at natural and lighted and following a video of it workin: