domenica 26 maggio 2013

Avionics bending: Mach/Airspeed indicator

Hello everybody, following here is the pinout diagram of the 757 / 767 mach / airspeed indicator.

This is a very neat unit. It is powered at 115VAC 400Hz from Instruments Xfer Bus and it features dual source ARINC bus. The data in the plane come from the ADCs (Air Data Computer) which compute various parameters such as static pressure, dynamic pressure, altitude and Others and compute the arinc words to drive the gauge for the following functions:

- Airspeed
- Barber Pole
- Mach number

The Speed command bug is also in ARINC format and is directly driven by the MCP (Mode Control Panel)

Here are shots and a small test video of the unit. Enjoy!



sabato 25 maggio 2013

Avionics bending: Autoland status announciator

Hello people! Here we'll see the autoland status announciator mounted on 757 and 767 main instrument panel for both captain and first officer.

The unit features 2 rotating windows with 3 faces each and rotated by the action of 2 solenoids.
When unpowered or no autoland announciation is active the black face is shown.

The upper window shows LAND 2 or LAND 3 on green background to show when Autoland is activated.

The bottom window shows NO LAND 3 or NO AUTOLAND on orange background when for any reason the autoland in selected category can't be accomplished by Aircraft systems.

Here it is the pinout connection diagram for each unit:

As you can see the unit has 2 x 28VDC power sources, one provided by Aircraft battery and one by the left DC bus for the captain and from right DC bus for the first officer.
The announciators outputs are GND with reference to the 28vdc supply.

And here you can see a video of the unit in self test mode.

giovedì 23 maggio 2013

Avionics bending: Vertical speed indicator

Hello people, here you can see original B757 vertical speed indicator, no TCAS type, interfaced with V1 avionics device and workin along with Xplane. It was just a test, once the device will be ready for delivery it will be tested with FSX in 767 configuration.

Here it is the pinout connection diagram:

As you can see it's powered like most gauges at 115VAC 400Hz, the we have 2 arinc channels for dataflow which are switched by the selector input, actuated by a switch on the MIP.

Here are pics of the units along with a video


mercoledì 15 maggio 2013

Avionics bending: Digital clock

Hello people, it's a long time since last post but I've been very busy with a work for a friend and to try to get some really rare 767 items and with some patience and money I am getting there...
I just received the 1st of 2 clocks I bought which are genuine 767!
I already tested it, it's been quite easy: as you can see in the following picture it has 2 28VDC feeds:
One coming from the HOT BAT BUS which powers the clock time base only and one from the BAT BUS which powers the logic and the displays
there is one ground per feed and one chassis ground.
Plus there are the feed and return for the backlight, the ARINC channel to send the GMT data bus and the remote controls from the glarewing panels to start and stop the chrono.

Following is a video of the clock in action...enjoy!