venerdì 19 luglio 2013

Avionics bending: Transponder

The transponder I am using here is not from 767 but it was very cheap to get and has all functions needed, including TCAS settings.

The unit manufactured by collins features 2 connectors for 2 separate transponder unit comunication. Here is the pinout: (Thanks to my friend Curd for providing it to me)

So as you can see both functions are the same. So of our interest we have:
5VAC for panel backlight.
115VAC and return for unit power
Fail logic input
Air/Gnd discrete
ARINC data channel
Here are few shots of the unit powered up. Note when selected transponder 1 you see ---- cause I didn't power the xpdr 1 input.

And here is a video of it during power up test