giovedì 30 aprile 2015

Avionics Bending: VOR tuning panel

The VOR control panel provides selection of VOR frequency and course during the VOR manual mode. The VOR frequency is selected by the two left concentric knobs for manual tuning. The outer knob selects tens and units of MHz. The inner knob selects tenths and hundredths of MHz.

The VOR system is in the manual mode when the EFIS control panel is in the VOR or ILS mode settings. It is also in the manual mode when the EFIS control panel is in the MAP or PLAN mode settings and the AUTO-MAN switch on the VOR control panel is in the MAN setting.

VOR frequency is displayed in the window above the frequency select knob (FREQ). The 100 MHZ digit is fixed at 1. The other digits display the VOR frequency as selected manually by the VOR control panel or automatically by the FMC.

The VOR COURSE is selected on the ten-turn course select knob and is displayed by the three digit display above the knob.

The AUTO-MAN switch is used to select the tuning mode of the VOR/MKR receiver when the EFIS mode select switch is set to MAP or PLAN. Tuning the VOR in these modes is normally controlled by the FMC (automatic) except when the AUTO-MAN switch is set to MAN. The tuning is then accomplished manually at the VOR control panel. When the EFIS switch is in the ILS or VOR position, tuning is always manually done from the VOR control panel.

The captain's and first officer's VOR control panels are located on the left and right side of the glareshield (P55), respectively.